Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tara Reid. Yeah, I know ... again.

I saw a Twilight Zone once where this guy woke up one day and all the common words in the English language had suddenly changed meanings. ‘Cat’ suddenly meant ‘table’. ‘Bowl’ meant ‘plane’ and so on. And that can be the only possible explanation for Tara Reid telling the New York Post this :

“I am a very smart girl, and people don't realize that … People think I am America's party girl, which is just stupid.”

Lets ignore for a moment the obvious lunacy of Tara ever being considered smart on even the most generous of scales. And its too easy to make fun of her acting, considering her only range seems to be drunk or stoned or drunk and stoned or ’just got hit in the head with a cartoon frying pan‘, and there’s really not that much use for that in Hollywood over the long haul.

Lets just focus on the ‘I'm not a party girl anymore’ part. Well, these pics were taken three days ago (2.5.05) of Braniac leaving the Spyder club in Hollywood. Here’s one on the beach taken January 17. You wanna shed the party girl image sweetie, don’t get drunk and pass out with the bad guy from Fargo. And don’t ever do this. And would it kill you to close your legs, even for a minute. What are they, fukkin spring loaded. I know old habits die hard, but can you just pretend that your not a whore.

What I don’t understand is her appeal. She’s an insufferable bitch, she cant act, her implants are ridiculous and, if you want, go to the Colony in Malibu - where a ton of these Britney pics are taken - hang out at the newsstand for 5 minutes and you’ll see 50 girls better looking than Tara. Not Britney obviously, but other girls. Girls who don’t have to be helped to their car in a drunken stupor at the end of the day, promising to “hook you up” if you can just get her home and hold her hair back, all the while mumbling, “hey, can I buy some pot from you.”

I could go on like this for a while, but, to hell with it. If you want, theres more on my love affair with Tara here.

Oh, and the Tara in the pic up top? Forget about her. She doesn’t exist any more, if she ever even did. You might as well jack off to the Little Mermaid.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ill never get tired of people making fun of Tara Reid

8:11 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Ew, the Little Mermaid?

Moving on...

My friend E just walked by me looking at the Tara pictures. He was all like "who's that?". I told him Tara, and then Britney. "Yeah, trash." The world agrees with you on that one.

10:36 AM  

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