Wednesday, January 19, 2005

WNBA threatens strike; bored indifference sweeps the nation

(Chicago, IL) - ESPN is reporting that the players union for the WNBA will recommend a work stoppage if the existing revenue sharing agreement between the owners and the players is not renegotiated. News of the impending strike came down on the sports world like an uninterested hammer.

Fans everywhere were under whelmed, brimming with politely curious questions when told about the fragile status of the league. "Who's that?" "Who are they?" and "Girls? Really? Girls?" were just some of the comments overheard outside the league office.

Sports talk radio from coast to coast was flooded with callers, obviously overcome with grief, who distracted themselves with thoughts on the NFL playoffs and the MLB hot-stove.

"Don't get me wrong," said one caller when absolutely forced to come up with a comment, "I think its cute when girls try to do stuff, I just think they should stick to games their good at, like jump-rope or Foxy-Boxing. Or maybe the league could have a Bra-and-Panties match like the one I saw on Smackdown!"