Thursday, January 20, 2005

"O" magazine lands Oprah Winfrey for February cover

(Chicago, IL) – In a landmark publishing coup, ‘O’ magazine has closed a deal that will put talk show host Oprah Winfrey of the cover of its February issue.

"We were very, very lucky to get her on the first 72 covers, but everyone was real nervous about number 73," said senior magazine editor Joyce Haynerd-Barnes-Clarrey. "She can be a bit shy at times and it seems like you have to literally push her into the spotlight."

"She’s such a stunningly beautiful woman; we shutter to think what would happen to sales if she didn’t adorn the cover each and every month."

The news of the upcoming cover traveled fast and had the streets buzzing.

"Oh yeah, this is incredibly exciting," said plumber Thompson Edis. "This new issue should fill the five minutes a day my wife’s not watching Oprahs show or Oprahs cable show or reading Oprahs books or trying to fag me up with some insane psychic ramblings she heard about in the Oprah chat room."



Blogger Marisa said...

Heeeeeeey! Don't make fun of Oprah! I work in PR and my next step is to have her run for President the next time around!

BTW thanks for stopping by to read my blog! Not as funny as yours but i try :)
PS. You will make it as a screenwriter for sure! Your stuff is funny!

12:24 PM  

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