Saturday, January 08, 2005

New ad for prescription medicine to feature Pride fighting cage match

(Manhattan, NY) - The new ad campaign for the genital herpes medication Clearinal launches later this week and will try to improve upon the familiar trend of prescription ads seen on TV and in magazines.

"A lot of the new meds," said company spokesman Ned Gabanna, "try to explain how you can still lead a full, exciting life. Snowboarding in a wheat field, tae-bo in a meadow, skeet shooting in a classroom and so on. Well, we want people to know that even if they have type-2 herpes, you can live a normal life, even to the point of winning an extreme fighting hardcore title."

"Just a few years ago, genital herpes would have been a debilitating, embarrassing infection. But now, there's nothing to hide and nothing you cant do."


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