Monday, January 24, 2005

Mischa Barton and a seal. Not that one.

I don’t know when exactly this page turned into some kind of a fashion gossip site but ... actually, wait ... okay, it was last Thursday, when I posted this. And since that’s apparently what I do here now, I figured I should post these too. Super high-res red carpet pics from the Golden Globes.

Natalie Portman looks like she was made in a lab. And if that came out as a compliment, I should probably rephrase it cause I didn’t mean it to. She’s obviously pretty but in a clinical kind of way, there’s nothing sexy about her. It's like I can tell she’s good looking, but I don’t care.

And Mischa Barton is the complete opposite of whatever the hell it is I just said, so here are some huge pics of her. And one of a fat angry seal. Which is no reflection on Mischa and my unhealthy attraction to her, it's just, you know, who doesn’t like fat angry seals.

I’m exhausted. Sitting on your ass all day watching football is more tiring than you might think. I'll come back and make this funny later. Or at least as funny as I get, which aint that great, so don’t wait up.

click for big :



Blogger Jay said...

The thing about Mischa that I don't get, but is beautifully illustrated in that first picture you posted of her, is how she balances that ginormous head of hers atop her little twig of a body?

5:00 PM  
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