Monday, January 24, 2005

Local woman stops smoking pot; thinks shes psychic

(Brooklyn, NY) - When area resident Liana Miniacci kicked a ten year drug addiction last month, she had no idea what satisfaction a sober world could offer. Now that the constant, doped-up haze has been removed, the resulting clarity has been a rainbow of remembered phone numbers, kept appointments and paid bills. But the most surprising revelation has been the return of a mental acuity that even a retarded 5-year old would take for granted.

"I have these visions, I see things before they happen", Miniacci insists, "Like the other day, I couldn't find my keys, I'm walkin around, I walk into the kitchen and this image comes to me, I saw a drawer, I saw a hand dropping keys into a drawer. And I was like 'Oh My God, are my keys in this drawer?' so I open the drawer, and my keys are right there, right there on top, and I'm freakin out, it was too weird, how did I know that."

But others aren't so sure. "She's not psychic. Did that jackass tell you she's psychic. She's not," says Michael Brendon, her boyfriend for almost one year. "She found her keys cause she puts them in the same place every day. She's been clouded so long, she doesn't remember what normal is. Those aren't voices, they're called 'memories'."

Brendon continued, "No one from beyond the grave is tellin her that 'Phish' sucks. 'Phish' just sucks. These are things people know. These are things that people do. People can remember things for more than 5 minutes, they can have conversations and string together lucid thoughts. This is how the mind works. But this is all kind of new to her, so its really freakin her out."



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