Wednesday, January 26, 2005

I have no idea what to call this one

I gotta be honest, my original intent in linking this was to make brilliantly funny, smart-ass comments about how Playmates are actually very average and purely the result of a hundred hours of makeup, lighting and CIA level photoshopping. But it turns out I'm not that funny. And apparently they really are that hot.

Which surprised me because I read somewhere that over 100,000 pictures are taken for a Playmate pictorial. And I guess that and unbelievable skill with a camera comes in handy for the times when you have to trick people into thinking that this actually looks like this. But mostly, I was astonished at how good most of these girls look on a convention floor under natural light

And since these are pics from conventions like the AVN and Glamourcom, some of them are pretty damn funny. And by “funny”, I mean “terrifying.” Like this guy. I dont know who he is, but he's not foolin anyone.

And can anyone explain how some of the filthiest porn stars on the planet can look this good in person. How is Taylor Rain even still alive after the countless hundreds of STD’s she’s swallowed. Her body must be like a Jenga, each STD perfectly balanced with the others, somehow forming a solid pillar that can stand on its own and survive.

Anyway, here’s the full link. These pics get kinda addictive. At least if you’re a guy in his twenties with no girlfriend. Even though I’m hilarious and a tiger in the sack.

(stares at his phone, waits for it to ring...)



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