Friday, December 31, 2004

New police drama to feature cop who "plays by his own rules."

(Universal City, CA) - A street-wise cop and a 'by-the-book' detective may seem like an unlikely pairing for a police drama, but that's exactly what a new show promises this fall.

'Coffee and Donuts', from creator Aaron Glenn Hall, will team up straight-laced veteran detective Paul Coffee with wise-cracking Tony 'donuts' Danetti, in an unpredictable and exciting hour of groundbreaking television.

"It seems like all the cop shows today," said Hall, "feature cops going through proper channels and following procedure. What I wanted to see was a cop who plays by his own rules, who gets results, even if you don't always agree with his methods."

"This is a guy who doesn't care about politics," Hall continued. "Heck, half the time he's got the chief of police, the D.A. and the mayor breathing down his neck, but he doesn't care. He's busy ribbing Coffee about bein 'tied to a desk' and bein a 'paper-pusher'. But the show isnt all about zingers. The guy is fearless. He doesn't care about losing his 'shield' or his 'piece', which is cop slang for 'gun', he just cares about the kids and gettin drugs off the street.


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